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I don’t want to lock you into pricing created for someone else. Prices vary because every situation is unique in need, distance, and time. Please contact me for information for your specific situation.


Custom Fishing Vessel Outfitting & Training

I’m available to offer both commercial fishing vessel outfitting and private sport fishing vessel outfitting. Set-up your vessel for success with professional training.

Commercial Fishing

Looking to fully outfit your vessel for the tuna industry? No matter your skill level I can guide you through a viable, economic set-up. Get the best information on:

  • Where to put your equipment
  • Boat and equipment maintenance
  • What conditions to look for
  • Proper fish handling — how to properly handle and ice your fish
  • Getting the most money for your catch
  • Self marketing your catches

Sport Fishing

If your dream is to catch big game fish on your own boat, think of me as the liaison between your dream and reality. Get the kind of private and personalized lessons you need. I can provide you with the professional help you need to get your vessel and equipment dialed in for success. Learn anything from:

  • The fundamentals of boating
  • Basic knot tying
  • Boat handling
  • Reading the water
  • Reading birds
  • Understanding your equipment
  • Outfitting your personal vessel

Whether you are new to sport fishing or just want extra training from someone who’s spent their life catching fish, I’m happy to teach and share what I’ve learned from my life on the water.


Labor & Vessel Support for Grants/Scientific Research

Too simply put, the ocean is important to me. As it should be to everyone. Call me today for a chat. Myself and my boat are available for almost any kind of fishery research. It’s not just field studies and fish tagging. Any potential fishery grant you’re interested in trying is interesting to me!
If you’re looking to work on protecting our fish and oceans, contact me today so we can work together.


Fishing Liaison

I’ve been to over 36 countries to fish. I know many of the best fishing captains in the world. Looking to go on a “once in a lifetime” fishing trip? I’m willing to travel worldwide for all services, and if I can’t go, I can get you into contact with the right people. Get the most out of your fishing experience as I guide you to the right captains, crew, and boats.


Public Speaking

Let’s talk about fishing and life. I just wrote a book filled with inspiration and guidelines to help you be true to yourself, find and be who you are, how to come out of something dark and rise to your happiness. Learn to be you instead of living a life defined by other people.

I’m available to talk about fishing strategy and general strategies in life.


Film/Commercial Work

Our vessel, Vicious Cycle, is available for commercial film work as a filming platform. Planning a trip to Hawaii and want to film some fishing work? Need a boat to film another boat in harbor or at sea? Contact me directly to discuss your needs and I’m happy to work something out with you. Each situation is unique and the price varies depending on needs and distance.

Sea bird
Vicious Cycle Crew with the catch
Captain Kenton Geer with the catch of the day
Sea bird
Vicious Cycle in harbor
Captain Kenton Geer reeling one in on the Vicious Cycle
Seagull on the wind
Captain Kenton Geer at the helm

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