Vicious Cycle: Whiskey, Women, and Water

Vicious Cycle

Whiskey, Women, and Water

Captain Kenton Geer’s debut book is now available. His tales from the sea are filled with inspiration to help you be true to yourself and to come out of something dark and rise to your own happiness. Order your copy of Vicious Cycle: Whiskey, Women, and Water now.

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Release Date: April 2021

Whiskey, women and water are some of the most powerful influences in life; each with its own unforgettable fragrance of success and failure. They all contain dangerously addictive attributes. A relationship with any or all of them can be a beautiful yet vicious cycle. For better or worse, a man can drown himself in each of these things.

Whiskey often fills my pours. Women often fill my thoughts. But fishing has always filled my heart.

The ocean calls to us in many forms. Some are destined to surf upon her waves, some submerge their entire lives below her surface, while others are meant to be blown across her, powered merely by her cousin the wind. Then there is us, the fisherman. Most fisherman don’t really fish to catch fish alone. We may appear to only fill our boats with fish, but in reality, we are filling our hearts with purpose.

Although this book is a collection of my own personal tales from the sea and personal battles on land, I believe they will resonate with every true fisherman out there. I invite you to navigate a portion of the ocean that is my life. Like all oceans it has its rough days and dark nights. But if father time has taught me anything from my journey, it is through these challenges that we learn the most about ourselves. Fishing isn’t always pretty, but it’s a beautiful life.

I now share those stories and those challenges with you.

Excerpt from the Introduction of Vicious Cycle: Whiskey, Women, and Water